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This music track was made using some of  unique  instruments as MHC`s Ambientkeys and custom designed patches. I have been using more than one host software and various  software instruments were combined in this track as well.


Remixed earlier music track

This earlier space ambient music track was remixed through analogue device and has a new image. Also simulates analogue LP noises and sound character as much was possible.  Original track: Distant Planets


This track is for the project “Hyperjump” Music video features new image animation


New music track was published : Horizons  This music track features ambient and classic synthesizer sounds and vocal. Image animation for music video was created by attilasebo

New World

This music will be on a new album “hyperjump”, combines ambient and epic music elements.

 published. This track is a part of album “hyperjump” .  


This music is the 1st  track for the album “Hyperjump”.

Transcendent particles

Earlier music, features combination of space music elements and individually designed patches

Alien mission

This earlier music composition features experimental sounds from different software instruments

Space explorer

Space Explorer features many custom designed synthesizer patches. This track was released in 2015

Multi Dimensions
This music track was released in 2012 and one of the first ambient - space experimental music compositions by  Attila Sebo

Millions of Galaxies
This music track was released in 2013 and one of the first space experimental music compositions by Attila Sebo. This music track here is a renewed version of the original one with new image

ReconnaisanceInfinityHorizonsDistant PlanetsNew WorldHyperjumpAlien MissionSpace ExplorerTranscendent ParticlesMulti DimensionsMillions Of Galaxies

Hyperjump VII

New music track was published : Hyperjump VII  This music track features classic synthesizer sounds and vocal. Image animation by attilasebo.  

hyperjump VII - 7 horizons2

Horizons II

This ambient / space / relaxing music features new experimental elements and custom designed sound parches also.

Promotion video for my latest releases before “Supernatural Lights”
2 music tracks: Horizons II and Hyperjump VII

Supernatural Lights
This relaxing music features ambient and epic music elements and custom designed sounds
This music track is a part of project : “hyperjump”

Ethereal Wisdom
New release ! Relaxation / new age music track with female vocal and drone sound elements


New release! This music composed for  “Hyperjump” project and features combined ambient, cinematic elements and female vocal


Painting by Helen Ilnytska   Animation for this video: attilasebo

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Paintings featured in music tracks
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